WordPress way maintenance and paginates in construction

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20 September, 2015
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WordPress way maintenance and paginates in construction


That is the way maintenance in wordpress?

Normally when we are working in a page in Wordpress, usually we work on a base in a subdirectory or another domain, this so that our site does not see by parts, but That happens when I require to work on the site bases, is required to make some adjustments or updates in some parts of the site or we are going to change all the design?

With a page in HTML simply colocariamos an announcement in the main page indicating that this in maintenance, but in wordpress is not possible to do that, That we do then?

Call WP Maintenance Mode exists plugin which allows us to place Wordpress in way maintenance with a page in construction. The installation is very simple.

  • It unloads plugin giving click in the image or directly looks for it from the section of plugins with name WP Maintenance Mode
  • Once installed Way sees enters Adjustments > Maintenance WP
  • It begins to form it
It allows you to activate the way maintenance, furthermore podras to indicate that podra to initiate session in WordPress and who podra to see the site
Podras to publish the content of the page as Title, Headed and Text. In addition to being able to change the bottom of color or by some image that you wish,
In this section podras to activate the one of accountant, this would show how long in day, hours and minutes it remains so that the site returns to be active. The subscription unit would indicate the subscribed people to him when it leaves way WordPress maintenance. Podras to activate the social networks that you handle and to take to a statistics from the visitors to the site placing your code of Google Analitycs

With this tool, or these ready to be able to work in it fits them or new image of the site without worrying to you that the visitors see the progressive advance of the changes

Finally, once you have finished all the necessary adjustments and no longer you require of plugin is recommendable desinstalarlo

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